BSAC Ocean Diver / Novice Diver Course

Your starting point if you do not have any scuba diving experience or certification. You will learn the basics of diving theory followed by the essential skills that will be taught in a pool or confined water environment.

BSAC Sports Diver Course

This builds on the knowledge and experience gained on the club diver course.You will be taught theory and practice in areas of decompression diving, diving safety, rescue skills, assisted ascents and participate in four openwater dives.

BASC Dive Leader Course

At this level of certification you will be able to lead a trainee diver demonstrating the correct procedures and skills required to become a confident diver.

There is plenty of emphasis on diver rescue techniques, situation avoidance, signs, symptoms and treatment of diving disorders. You will do plenty of openwater skills work / assessments and theory assessments.

BSAC Advanced Diver Course

Higher level of theory plus openwater skills lessons, introduction to small boats, navigation, chart work, organising and planning dives for a variety of individuals and situations.

About British Sub Aqua Club - BSAC

BSAC has been around since the early 1950's-initially a club based organisation. Over the last 20 years the emergence of the BSAC Diving Schools has provided a means for clients to become certified divers without first joining a BSAC club branch.

The structure of the diving courses are similar to those of other diving organisations worldwide. However differences exist and the governing bodies of each organisation lay down a course structure appropriate to their needs.

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