Discover Diving

"To be initiated into the exotic, magical, mysterious and silent world that exists beneath the waves,
 to experience the weightlesness, freedom of movement and a kaleidoscope of vivid colours,
 to discover weird and wonderful marine life,
 to explore hidden wrecks use an underwater camera,
 to uncover the secrets of more than three quarters of the worlds surface,
 You must first learn to dive."

What Diving is all About

Q: How difficult is it to learn to dive?
A: It is easy as long as you are in good health and can swim. Both theory and pool work are
    straight forward under the guidance of a highly experienced and patient instructor.

Q: What is the advantage of learning to dive before I go on holiday?
A: You will save at least three days of your holiday and be able to dive immediately.

Q: How long does it take?
A: You can do the course in four evenings over two or three weeks or one evening and one

Q: Will I need to buy any equipments?
A: No, all equipment needed for the course will be supplied.

Q: What qualification will I get?
A: On successful completion of the course you will get a PADI or BSAC certificate and

Q: Is there an age limit?
A: There is a starting age of 12 and no upper limit.

Q: I wear glasses, will I be able to see underwater?
A: Yes, you can wear contact lenses or buy prescription lenses for your mask.

Q: What is the pool like?
A: The pool is the best in London, it is very deep and it has a variable depth floor.

Q: Do we go for a drink after?
A: Yes!

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