PADI Open Water Referral Course

Start here if you have no scuba diving experience or certification.

The purpose of the open water diver course is to provide students with the elemental knowledge and skills they need to safely gain experience in the diving environment.

Once you become a certified diver you will be able to dive with someone of the same certification or higher.

The open water diver course has two options to choose from.

  • Referral Course

  • Complete Course

    (referral course combined with open water dives)

In the Referral course you will learn the required scuba diving skills and theory, do the assessment tests, and practice in a swiming pool or confined water environment.

Then with the log book and referral certificate, complete your diving course on a warm and enjoyable scuba diving holiday. By taking this referral course with us you will save at least two to three days of your valuable holiday time.

Your completed logbook and certificate will enable you to dive straight away with an instructor who will ask you to repeat over four dives the skills that we have already taught you in London.

You will then gain your qualification. The PADI Openwater Diver certification.

The Referral Course is the most popular option for people leading busy demanding lives.

Our course fee is fully inclusive, although if you wish you can purchase your own mask, fins and snorkel. I have a large selection and also cater for prescription masks.

The lessons will be conducted in a comfortable, unhurried manner, refreshments will be available.

The pool sessions always start off repeating previously learnt skills before progressing onto new exercises.

The classes have no more than four students, usually two or three.

You can take the Referral Course either during four evening classes or over a weekend.

If you do the full course with us you will have the opportunity to complete the open water dives in England or on a Shoal Divers organised scuba diving holiday to the Red Sea or Mediterranean.

Contact Seth either by or telephone on 07976 660468.

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