SCUBA Diving Equipment Information

Please note all diving equipments is provided for our courses within the course fee. If you would like to purchase your own mask, for example, you can try one out before you buy.

The Diving Mask:

Allows you to view the underwater world by providing an air space in front of your eyes.

The Snorkel:

Allows you to breathe air at the surface thus conserving the gas in your tank.

The Fins:

Used to propel you through the water. Two types: foot fins and sea fins.

The Bootees:

Made of thick neoprene. Used with sea fins these protect your feet from corals / sharp stones and help to keep you warmer.

The Wet Suit:

Made of neoprene, available in various thicknesses 3mm, 5mm, 7mm. Helps to protect and insulate the diver. As normal body temperature is 36.9 degrees Celsius even the warmest of locations will be cooler than your body temperature.

The Weight Belt:

Helps counteract the buoyancy created by the diving equipment and your body weight.
Typically measured in Kilos 2, 4, 6, 8 etc.

The BCD:

Buoyancy control device.
By putting a small amount of air into or taking it out of the BCD you will float effortlessly in the water column. It looks like a puffy waist coat. Also provides a way to secure the diving tank with the use of a clamp.

Diving Regulators:

Allow you to breath the high pressure air in the tank. Regulators have two stages: 1st and 2nd stages. The 1st clamps onto the tank valve and the 2nd stage pops into your mouth and is held there with a mouthpiece. When you suck in the air the regulators will supply you with air at the ambient pressure.

Cylinder / Tank:

A place to store the compressed air (79 % Nitrogen and 21 % Oxygen ). Tanks are made of either steel or aluminium and on the top is a valve that you open to allow the compressed air into the 1st stage of the regulator.

The SBC:

Submersible pressure gauge also known as a contents gauge. Indicates how much air is in the tank. Measured in BAR or PSI.

The Depth Gauge:

Used to measure the depth of the dive. Incremented in metres or feet (e.g.) 20 metres / 60 feet.

The Diving Watch:

Used to time the dive. Used in conjunction with the depth gauge.
Depth and time are two very important factors to consider when diving.

A Diving Knife:

Is a tool used to attract someone's attention by slapping it on your tank.

The Diving Computer is:

An all in one diving watch, depth gauge, and set of decompression tables. It calculates your depth and time and decompression status. There are various models available and you need to consult with the diving retailer as to the best model for you.

The Diving Tables:

Help you to plan your dive-they indicate how long you can dive for. Your instructor will teach you how to use diving tables for one, two or more dives.

Shoal Divers & The London Underwater Centre are able to supply you with all the scuba diving equipment you need.

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